Head's and Cam install

Here are some pictures of my Heads and cam install - I did the install myself and I took approx 20 hours over 5 days to complete the install. I used the How-to guides available at www.ls1howto.com

The pile of parts I had to remove - The baggies have all the bolts (they are labeled so I know where they go)

This is how it looked at the end of my 2nd day of work (probably about 4 hours worth of work so far)

The stock rockers and pushrods.

This is how it looked at the end of my 3rd day of work (about 6 hours of work so far). Both of the stock heads are off, now I just need to get the Crank pulley and timing chain off - almost time to put it all back together :)

The stock heads.

No pictures from day 4, I had to have a friend help me break loose the crank pulley bolt. Managed to get the old cam out and the new one in, also got the cam timing set without much issue (spent about 2.5 hours today for a total of 8.5 hours so far)

The new heads - They are new 862 castings and are ported by ETP. The heads have Rev 2.055 intake valves and 1.57 exhaust valves. They are also setup with Patroit Performance Gold springs and titanium retainers. You can see the ARP header studs that I used to replace the standard bolts.

This is a picture from the end of day 5 - everything is back together and you can hardly tell anything was done.

The header studs sure look much better than the stock bolts - Still need to give the engine bay a good clean.

My new grills that I installed while I had it apart.

The whole install probably took about 20 hours - I think that was pretty good considering it was the first time I have ever taken apart an engine. The only real problems I had was that I broke the stock fuel line - ah well I replaced it with a braided hose that looks much better. The car sure does need to be tuned so I haven't really got on it much yet but you sure can feel the power increase.

Finally here are the videos of it running - IT SOUNDS MEAN!!!

Startup - The engine started right up - major relief.

Smoke - So I was warned that there would be some smoke from the coolant and oil burning off but it is still scary seeing the smoke pour out of the hood :)

Idle - This is after the car had been idling for a while.


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