I had a little rubbing incident with the stock driveshaft :)

Of course you cant buy just the rubber part, GM sells the driveshaft as a complete unit for $1500 - the aftermarket one was MUCH cheaper and also MUCH stronger than stock.

All of these items have been installed but I dont have updated pictures yet!

Extreme Performance 3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft

Best pictures I have, I didn't feel like removing all of the packing material yet.

GMM Ripshift

The stock shifter has a habit of missing 3rd gear (could be driver error too), this can be very frustrating when driving aggressively :)

Spec stage 3 clutch and Flywheel

Replacement rear end with 3.91 gears, Kaaz LSD and Harrop diff cover

Kaaz LSD and 3.91 gears

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